Hyperice Hypervolt Review

Athletes require fast recovery from the intense workout and rigorous work that they have to do on a daily basis. In order for that to happen, a lot of scientific materials are used in order to deliver the kind of recovery that is needed on an almost daily basis. Yet, what is even more common today is the use of a masseuse in order to take care of the constant fatigue being faced by the athletes. However, this fatigue is not limited only to the athletes alone. A lot of people that have a very intense work schedule, where they have to travel long distances within a very short period of time. After the journey is over, they feel intense muscle cramps as well as fatigue all over the body which needs proper correction within a very short period of time so as not to create a hazard for them.

All of these things are to be found in the normal day-to-day routine of people, and this is where massage guns come into the picture. The use of massager guns have now become commonplace in most of the recovery and on my athletes, and is also used by people that face a lot of wear and tear in their body.

So, at this current juncture, what would you actually like to do in order to get rid of the pain all over your body? The use of a very high quality massage gun like the Hyperice Hypervolt is recommended for people around the world. This is primarily because this massage gun has been able to work in the highest pain reduction scientific experiments, and it comes with a variety of adjustable speeds so that it would be able to fit the comfort level that you are accustomed to. Moreover, this is also made out of heavy duty materials so much so that it would be able to last a very long period of time.

Hyperice Hypervolt

The massage gun that any people would want should come with different heads so that it will be able to work in various parts of the body without any problems whatsoever. With the Hyperice Hypervolt, you would be able to get that and much more. The heavy duty motor that is attached to this massage gun will be able to provide pressure in such a manner that it would be able to reach at least 3200 rpm and runs smoothly at the very least. This amount of pressure applied to a single point in your body will definitely be able to alleviate any kind of pain that you may be feeling at that particular moment. Above all, it also comes with a one-year warranty as well as head attachments that are interchangeable according to the needs of the person.

Features: –

The Hyperice Hypervolt has around 4 interchangeable heads, namely the fork, bullet, round and flat. These are the heads that are made out of very hard plastic, except the round head which is made out of foam. The total approximate unit along with all the attachments come up to 2.5 pounds, so, these can be very easily carried around at your own convenience even in a very small case.

There is lithium ion battery incorporated within this massage gun so that it would be able to last for over two hours of providing you with proper massages with only a recharge time of around six hours by making use of the 24 V adapter. However, if you feel that running this massage them for two hours is not enough time for you, there are additional batteries provided by Hyperice for around $80 that will be able to give you an additional two hours massage and you can keep on going while changing the batteries between charges.

This massage gun also has various strength levels, which can automate from 30 Hz to 53 Hz with different kinds of percussion settings for you to use.

Why is Hyperice Hypervolt the best massage gun out there?

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of alternatives to the Hyperice Hypervolt like TheraGun G2 Pro. However, the primary objective of a massage gun is to be quiet as well as provide the kind of massage that will be able to alleviate the pain of anybody using it. The TheraGun G2 Pro is extremely loud, even when used in a normal setting, and therefore using it in a confined space like an office or within an aeroplane can prove to be extremely disturbing to the other people. Overall, the steep price of such TheraGun compared to Hyperice Hypervolt is also going to be an additional factor as to why people keep away from such a product. Above all, Hyperice Hypervolt is very quiet, and it does not happen to be noisier than a foam roller by a long margin. This also ensures that you would be able to get the appropriate amount of relief in your muscles while ensuring that the adjoining neighbourhood is not inundated with the noise of the motor from the massage done.

Functionality: –

Overall, the Hyperice Hypervolt is very easy to use and extremely easy to set up as well. The setup is intuitive at the very least, it requires for you to charge the batteries for an initial amount of six hours before you can use it for two hours at the least. There is also the presence of a user manual which will give you all the required directions that is necessary for you to put on the machine correctly and start using it once the initial charging phase is over. Above all, there is also a helpline which can be very easily accessed 24 hours around the clock for any person having difficulty in making use of this massage gun.

Authentication: –

Having purchased this highly effective massage gun, you should actually know whether it has been authenticated by the highest authorities for its safe use. Well, it has been approved by the TSA, which goes on to show that this machine can be used in flight as well so as to make it more tolerable for you during long journeys in a very cramped space. If you are suffering from back pain, pain in the neck or in the shoulders after a very strenuous workout, and this Hyperice Hypervolt will definitely be able to help you get rid of a lot of pain within a very short period of time. Moreover, intensive scientific experiments have been conducted on the machine on its feasibility and functionality in getting rid of the pain, and it has been able to provide astounding results on a constant basis.

Pros: –

  • This machine is TSA approved.
  • The total machine weighs about 2.5 pounds.
  • It comes with multiple head attachments.
  • It has a two hour battery life, which can be extended by purchasing multiple battery attachments.
  • It is able to provide appropriate relief to people suffering from different kinds of pain all across their body.
  • It can run very quietly even with the highest of frequencies in the motor.

Cons: –

  • This machine is not hands-free.
  • It does cost a substantial amount of money.

Should you purchase it?

Although a lot of people like the personal touch of a masseuse as well as the kind of interaction that you can have with a licensed therapist, it goes without saying that simply booking a masseuse and not getting any date can be pretty bumming. This is the reason why in order to help you get rid of the extensive amount of pain that you may be feeling in the muscles of your body as well as saving a lot of time and money from having to go for regular trips to the masseuse, getting the Hyperice Hypervolt is definitely a worthwhile purchase. It is invaluable for the athletes that would want to get loose muscles after a very heavy training session, while ensuring that they can actually spend time with their family instead of having to find themselves in the table of a masseuse.

Detailed Analysis of the Hyervolt Hyperice Massage Gun

Are you really tired from the hectic routine and still unable to find time for exercise in spite of having pain in muscles because of sitting on chairs and working for a long time? If yes, then you need not worry about the shortage as well as inadequate time because the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun is the perfect one in this regard which makes you feel relaxed even after your hectic routine. In the era, the lives of human beings have become much more complex as compared to our ancestors because the new generation has not enough time to spend on physical activities by going out of home or offices like on grounds. In most cases of having abundant work, pain is felt in muscles and other parts of the body. Thus, the Massage Gun is the best machine that will make your muscles feel relaxed. You need not worry if you have pain in muscles or any inner part of the body, the massage gun will make you feel calm.

There are certain features of the machine which are below. These features make the machine perfect and suitable for you.

Hypervolt Massage Gun helps to loosen our muscles after a lot of hectic and tiring activities from day to night. This gun is the perfect combination of the three things which are below

Ø Power

Ø Energy

Ø Relief to the user

You can easily target it to any muscle in which you think that it is pulled or tired. There is some variation in its use. As every organ of our body is variable from the other. So a different range of power and energy is adjusted first and then a massage gun is used. This machine gives the speed variation to reduce the soreness and stiffness of the muscles. It actually energizes our muscles by the movement of blood flow. It plays a prime role in making our muscles strong again after a lot of workouts. It supplies enough oxygen to the muscles again by giving them a new life of energy. Hence, the muscles are now energized. This massage gun is easy to handle as it is portable. It does not make any sound as compared to its competitors. It is very easy to use. It is not so complicated to use. So, people can use it on their own with great ease.

1-      Used by athletes at gyms for injuries

This massage gun has a lot of usages. It is mostly used by athletes after their workouts. Everyday athletes use this machine to recover their power and stability by focusing the nozzle of this machine to the targeted muscle. This gun renews the energy of athletes. Hypervolt massage gun have a vibrational system in them. This system helps the athletes to regain their energy by mimicking the exercise of the muscles. In this way, there is a very positive effect on the coordination and working of the muscles. This helps the athletes to continue their work with more power and energy. This gun provides athletes with a special kind of therapy without going anywhere else.

Because of its escalating demand in public, this machine is also being placed in gyms now. As we know that it is too beneficial, so people love to use it. It is particularly placed in offices that provide physical therapy. But this technology is available for everyone who can easily afford it. At gyms, people do a lot of exercises and workouts. When they are tired, they can use the massage gun to reduce their tiredness and soreness in muscles.

2-      Perfect for Online Classes

Furthermore, if someone is having some injury, there is nothing to panic about. He can use this machine to get relief. As it is used for decreasing the stiffness and soreness of muscles which in return gives relief from pain. If someone is having an online athlete class, he can use the Hypervolt massage gun for his physical therapy after this hectic online class.

Features or how to use this gadget

The following are some remarkable features of this massage gun.

1-      Easy to use

People get attracted to the machines which can be used without any trouble. They always prefer the new machines which are easier to use. It is a portable machine and friendly to use. This Hypervolt massage gun is easy to use and handle. You should not place your fingers close to the head of the machine. It could be dangerous if you do so.

2-      Easy to carry

This gun weighs 2.5 pounds. You can carry it with your luggage wherever you want to go. Y9u can easily carry it from your home to the office and from your office to home.

3-      Quiet Glide Technology

The latest technology is used in the preparation of the machine in order to make you feel comfortable with the machine. That is the reason glide technology is used in the preparation of the massage gun. Do not forget to invest in the best and update massage gun to give ease to your body. Its most important feature is that it is quiet. It doesn’t produce the sound as high as produced by a Theragun which is used for the same purpose. You can carry it to your office. After closing the door, it can be used easily. It can also be used in an open atmosphere. But it is not as quiet as your electric toothbrush.

4-      Four heads

It has four heads that are interchangeable. It is a very helpful feature of this gun as it provides a number of pressures and touchpoints for your body and muscles. The heads have different shapes; they may be round, flat, bullet, or fork-shaped. Each head is manufactured from rigid plastic. But his round head is made up of hard foam rather than the plastic.

5-      Five attachments

This Hypervolt massage gun has 5 attachments. One attachment is a sphere whose size is 2 inches. The other is a bun which is arrow-shaped, a pronged bit and a hammer tip.  Each of the four attachments gives a different stimulation and gets very deep into the IT bands and reduces the hardness of muscles by providing them again with the oxygen.

6-      Is it offered at affordable rates?

Quality is the primary thing that is kept in mind while the preparation of the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun. People no doubt are much heedful about the price. But that is also a fact that they may compromise on the price of a product, but will never be reluctant to compromise on the quality of such a product that is to use for a long time. That is the reason; they always give their utmost attention to quality. That is the reason; quality is not compromised at all during preparing the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun. Customers always prefer to enjoy both things –quality and affordable prices. We make sure of the provision of both things. So that. Customers may add the machine in their collection with pride. Price is the primary thing about which people are very concerned. They always prefer to purchase the product that is affordable as well as in the range of their budget. The Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun is specially prepared at a highly affordable price. So that you may enjoy its unique features to relax your body and make your muscles painless. This Hypervolt massage gun has a moderate price. It is not so cheap and not so expensive. You can buy it for your home as well. In this way, you can have your physical therapy on your own.

7-      Cordless machine

Hypervolt massage gun is a cordless machine that helps to nourish the muscles and reduce the stiffness if the muscles are pulled.

8-      Setting of 3 speed

People want different types of speed while using the machine. Some want high speed and some want low speed as per the need of their body. That is the reason; there are basically three types of speed settings in the massage gun. You can use the machine by customizing speed but within the range of three speeds. The massager has a set of three-speed. You can use it at any of the three speeds according to your body’s need and requirement. This feature allows the user to use it. 30Hz speed is used for 1,800 percussions per minute, 40Hz is used for 2,400 percussions for 60 seconds, and 53Hz for 3,180 percussions for 60 seconds.

9-      Rechargeable battery

The machine has a chargeable battery. It can be charged at any place. You need not worry about charging as there is no need of keeping the full machine with you to charge it. It is all only for your ease. The battery timing of the machine is also extraordinary. Its timing is up to 3 HRS per charge. It means if you charge the battery, it can be used for more than three hours. Another remarkable feature of this gun is that its battery is rechargeable. You can use it for three hours constantly after a single full charge. It has a one lithium polymer battery. It takes six hours for a full recharge. You can use it again and again.

10-  No need to be certified

The buyer does not need to be certified as it is available for everyone. People just have to go to the market and buy this astonishing gadget.

11-  Time-saving machine

Time is the more important thing in the ongoing era. Time has become the most important concern of people as they have inadequate time because of hectic office work and domestic responsibilities. This massage gun is time-saving. You do not need to go to the physical therapy offices to break your muscle pulls. What you need is just too much on your Hypervolt massage gun and target it on your muscle which you want to relax.

12-  Easy setup

This massager has a very easy setup. You just have to open it up. Recharge the battery and adjust the head of the gun. After that, it is ready for use. It has two buttons for power. One is present at the end of the battery and the other is at the back of the massage gun.

13-  Celebrities use the massage gun

Many celebrities and athletes make the use of this massage gun to reduce their tiredness of muscles. As we know that celebrities have to work often day and night. So there must be some relaxing gadgets for them. Because they have no time to go to physical therapists. So this massage is very useful for them. They can use it at any time on their own. They can use it before and after the shooting. This gun will refresh them and they will feel relaxed.

14-  Hypervolt Vs Theragun

If we keep in mind the economic point of view then Hypervolt is better than that of Theragun. But if we consider the design and changeable heads then Theragun is more suitable than the Hypervolt. Theragun is noisier as compared to the Hypervolt. Theragun produces noise the same as that of a drill machine. As far as the strokes per minute are concerned, Theragun has 1742 to 2400 strokes. But Hypervolt has 2000 to 3200 strokes per minute. Both have the same stroke depth that is 16mm. Theragun has 2-speed settings while Hypervolt has 3 speed settings. Theragun has a battery life of 150 minutes while Hypervolt has a battery time of 180 minutes. Theragun has 6 interchangeable points while Hypervolt has five. The more powerful feeling is provided by Theragun because it hits harder as compared to the Hypervolt. Theragun acts more deeply into the muscles while Hypervolt acts smoothly on the surface. Hypervolt is a vibrational massage gun while Theragun is a percussion massage gun. Fast action performance is given by Theragun as compared to the Hypervolt which gives a slow treatment. Both the massages have their own qualities. What can be offered by Hypervolt cannot be offered by Theragun and vice versa. So both are effective to release muscle pain.

15-  Hypervolt Vs Hypervolt plus

Both of these massage guns have a major difference regarding their power outputs. The former has an output of 60W while the latter has an output of 90W. Hence, we can conclude that Hypervolt plus is 30% more powerful as compared to the Hypervolt. Both of them have lithium polymer batteries which are recharged after 6 hours and can be used for 3 hours after the recharge. Both of them provide 3-speed settings. If you want to buy some aggressive massage then Hypervolt plus is the best option as compared to the Hypervolt. As far as the price is concerned, Hypervolt is cheaper than the Hypervolt plus. Both of them have different colors through which they can be distinguished. Hypervolt has a black matte finishing while the Hypervolt plus does not have this type of finishing. Hypervolt plus is easier to handle than the Hypervolt.

16-  Quiet Motor

The shape of the machine is very unique and extraordinary. You will really love to have it with you. Because of its beautiful shape, you can bring it with you in the office or any place as it will be highly prestigious for you to have it. We comprehend the desire of our customers that they always want to have stylish products as they are very heedful about the appearance of the products which are to be used in offices. That is the reason; the machine is perfect for you to make it part of your collection because of its unique shape and moderate look. You will really feel proud to have the machine. 

17-  Vibrations to keep you aware

The gun has a vibration feature. When the gun machine will be run, there will be noise that will be created that will make you aware and conscious about the movement of the gun. The most important thing to mention here is that the vibration is not at all disturbing. It will give you calm.

18-  Pull Out Feature of Battery

The batter of the machine can be pulled out easily to a plugin for charging.  It is easily changeable. You will also enjoy the long-lasting Battery timing and usage as it is made up of quality material.  

19-  Battery Indicator

Most people feel hindrance and difficulty when such machines give them indicators of low battery at the time when they have to use the machine. And they feel trouble. This issue has been addressed in the machine. There are certain lights that indicate the battery levels. Thus, you can charge it as it is warned about the low battery.

20-  Will hypervolt go on sale?

Yes, the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun is available for sale. It has been sent to markets for the purposes of sale. You can buy it as per your ease. But if you are unable to find that nearer you, then do not worry. The Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun can also be purchased online. You can use e-commerce channels in order to make sure of the purchase of the gun. 

21-  Will Hypervolt not charge?

No, the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun can be charged. It is portable. You can even pull out the battery of the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun and plugin separately. There is no need for placing the full gun machine with a battery for the purpose of charging. The battery timing of the machine is perfect to use for a long time. Once the battery is charged, it will take 3 hours to consume constantly. Thus, enjoy the perfect battery capacity.

22-  Can hypervolt be used on the neck?

Yes, the Hypervolt Hyperice Massage Gun can be used on the neck. There is no any sort of restriction for physicians to not use such machines for the neck. If you are so tired or feeling pain, you can use the machine on the neck but softly.

23-  Can you take hypervolt on a plane?

Yes, the hypervolt is easier to pick up and not so heavy. That is why; it can be taken with you on a plane. You will not face any sort of hindrance because it can be placed easily in a bag or luggage.

24-  Can you use hypervolt while pregnant?

It really depends on the nature of pregnancy and the place where the gun is to use. If pregnancy is so complicated. Then the usage of hypervolt must be avoided because it has a vibration. However, if the place is leg or arm, then you can use it softly. Thus, it fully depends on the condition and nature of the case and the place where the gun is to use. 

25-  Can you use hypervolt on the lower back?

Yes, the hypervolt can be used on the lower back. But that you need while using on the lower back is the extra care. If you do not take care while applying the gun on the lower back, it may cause issues.

26-  What makes hypervolt different?

There is not a single difference that is to mention that differentiates the hypervolt from others. Its unique and extraordinary features such as perfect battery timing, unique shape, portable charging, easier to carry and usage of quality material are the magnificent features of the machine which create the difference.

27-  When hypervolt is fully charged?

There are certain lights that indicate the battery levels. Thus, there is a green signal and red signals which let you know the status of charging. So that you may take a decision according to the condition.

28-  What is the quality of hypervolt?

Quality material is used in the preparation of the gun. We know that people have become vigilant about the usage of material. That is the reason; they may compromise on the price but will be never reluctant toward the quality of the material that is used in the preparation of the gun. That is the reason; the machine or the gun is durable. It can be used for a long time that will surely save your time as well as money in an amazing way.

29-  Does the hypervolt get jammed?

The unique feature of the gun machine is that it never gets jammed while using it. But there is the thing that you must keep in mind while using the machine that you must use it with pauses. If you will use the machine for 2 hours constantly, then definitely there are fair chances of getting jammed as well as damaged. Thus, you must use the machine in an ethical way. So that you may use it for a long time.

30-  Are guidelines about the hypervolt available on YouTube?

Yes, you can go to YouTube videos where you will be able to find a number of videos. You can come to know about the features and usages of the machine in a very simple way. So, you can visit related videos to the machine on YouTube.

31-  Is the hypervolt helpful for neck pain redemption?

Yes, the machine is perfect to use for the purposes of lessening the pain of the neck. If you have pain, you must use the machine to make your body or muscles relaxed in order to be more energetic.

32-  Anything else you can think of?

This Hypervolt massage gun has a lot of distinctive features. So, it should be present at your home, office or gym or any other workplace. This gun is cheaper. So, you can easily buy this. You should buy this massage gun so that you can reduce your stiffness of muscles. Moreover, it is easy to handle because it is a low sized machine having less weight. You can easily carry this gun to the office or home. You can use it yourself. What you have to do is just push the button and place the nozzle on the targeted muscle. Furthermore, this Hypervolt massage gun can easily be used for 3 hours after fully charging it. If you are a very busy person and you want to save your time, then you must go to the market and buy this massage gun. Because it is a time-saving gadget. If you buy this, you will not have to go to the gyms or physical therapy offices to break the knots of your muscles and to relax. Just buy this machine once and enjoy its advantages such as its speed can be varied as per the demand of the muscle site. Furthermore, this massage gun has quiet gliding technology. It means that this machine does not produce noise. A person using this machine is not irritated by its sound. So don’t get late. Just go and buy this charming massage gun and facilitate yourself with its benefits.

33-  How to charge this massage gun?

As other machines are very complex to charge but this machine is not too difficult to charge. You just have to plug the AC or simple cable to the power supply and then plug it into the massage gun. You will see a green light there. Then switch on the button. The gadget is now being charged.

34-  How to remove the battery?

The removal of the battery is too easy. There is no rocket science in its removal. You just have to push a button present on the machine and pull out the battery.  

Conclusion: –

In order for you to keep getting rid of the pain in your body while not having to book extensive masseuse appointments and find yourself getting bedridden on a constant basis, this is the machine that you should go for. It can lose a new up very easily, preparing you for an extensive workout within a matter of hours. However, is there any low-cost alternative to it? Of course there is. Any machine that is being sold at a premium cost always comes with the low-cost alternatives. However, as a person looking out for his or her best interest, purchasing those machines may not always give you the desired result. This is the reason why you should go for Hyperice Hypervolt as the one and only solution to getting rid of any massage related problems that you might be having. Everything said and done, this is the perfect product that you can purchase as well as gift to somebody suffering from back pain.

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